At Home Comfort

This signature program offers you all the service and amenities you’ve come to expect from us, but with even more individualized attention to your Hocking Hills vacation experience.  We eliminate the hassles and headaches of forgetting something as simple as shampoo or coffee filters.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to drive 10-20 minutes to the closest store at 6 a.m. for coffee filters.  Use our filters and enjoy the sunrise with your significant other and a hot cup of coffee.  This is just one of our many home comfort items we provide. View the images and descriptions below to see exactly what is in place for each and every guest.  At Home Comfort is part of the Luxury Advantage program found in only the top tier of Hocking Hills cabin and lodge rentals.

Our Hocking Hills concierge services is also available to assist you with everything from hard-to-get massage bookings to exclusive catering services or a private chef. Extend your stay at Laurel Run and we will replenish your stock of provided amenities.

Hocking Hills Luxury Lodges & Cabins