Hocking Hills Luxury Rentals



Make your stay as comfortable and stress free as possible with the signature At Home Comfort Program. Each At Home Comfort program is individualized to meet your unique needs by offering all the service and amenities you’ve come to expect from a luxury rental, but with even more individualized attention.

What are the requirements for a property to qualify for participation in the At Home Comfort program? Since The Luxury Advantage and At Home Comfort programs are about you, the customer, a property must maintain 5-star ratings on multiple travel websites and provide the essentials for any luxury vacation. Other prerequisites are the highest caliber customer care, decor, and a private secure setting. Last, but not least, properties must measure up externally by being situated on a minimum of 100 acres with meticulously groomed landscaping, inviting outdoor living spaces, and well maintained trail systems. Take full advantage of our pre-concierge services and recommendations and make you next Hocking Hills vacation a success!

Contact us with confidence that we will work with your needs to create the best possible experience.